Rise Up and Walk | Amanda

In 2011 my family and I uprooted to Stony Plain. Leaving my old church was hard, as they had become like family. But I remember sitting down and praying that God would guide us to the right church. We ended up becoming members at SPAC.  

I’m not a very social person and find building connections with others difficult. This is compounded by a hearing impairment I have. It causes me to avoid large crowds, as noisy environments are physically painful and it’s difficult to clearly hear what other people are saying. My husband is an outgoing, social guy, but he works six days a week and doesn’t have much time to build and maintain relationships. After months of attending SPAC, we had not made any friends. We invited people over for supper, but only one ever accepted. We felt disconnected. Personally, I felt so alone, but I chinned up. I’ll just keep walking with God, He knows the desires of my heart.

I longed to be a part of a Bible study and to have fellowship, so I took it to the Lord in prayer. He has always met my needs and I knew it would happen in His perfect timing. Then at one of SPAC’s events to raise awareness about human trafficking, Ann Myrholm approached me and introduced herself. I was so happy to make a connection and gain a new friend! I found out that she led a weekly Bible study and was filled with joy to be able to join them. God is so good!

Then, in August 2012 I was in a bad motor vehicle collision and suffered debilitating injuries. By late spring 2013 I was bed-bound and would remain that way for many years. I was so sad to lose the fellowship I had just found. Doctors told me there was nothing they could do other than to manage the pain with medication. My immobility became a huge burden on our family.

I asked God if healing was His plan for me, because if it wasn’t, I needed to accept that life was going to be one of permanent disability and pain. His answer was a triple confirmation that I would indeed be healed. So, I rested in that faith. But as time passed it seemed like God wasn’t responding. I was stuck in bed, unable to be used, unable to serve, unable to have fellowship, just STUCK! I was so disheartened. When depression crept up on me, I prayed it away. Nope, not having any of that, in Jesus’ name! And I asked Him, “How can you use me stuck in this bed?” and He brought broken kids to me that I was able to love, even bed-bound.

As time at home got harder due to family struggles, Linda Stover came to visit. She brought the elders in to anoint me with oil and pray over me. She also arranged for Darlene Brink and Dianne Kebernik to bring meals to our home, something they did every week for about a year. This helped us to have healthy and tasty meals, as until now the kids had been doing the cooking.

While disabled, I did a lot of Bible studying alone, and one of the things I worked on was anger. Although I have been delivered from strongholds in the past, anger has never released its grip on me. Since I was a young child, I’ve had a battle raging inside of me. No matter what I did or how hard I prayed, the hold anger had on me would not loosen. Up to that point, the best I could do was anger management, and although I did a good job managing it, I still felt rage inside daily. My studies led me to Freedom in Christ, a Bible study and Biblical prayer-based deliverance process written by Neil T. Anderson. I read the book, twice, and completed the workbook steps, but still the anger remained. I knew I needed someone to pray with me through these steps, but I was stuck in bed and after unsuccessfully seeking for someone to pray and learn with, I stopped asking and moved on to studying other things.

In February 2018 I was struck with an autoimmune disease that deteriorates my peripheral nerves. It left me unable to stand or even pick up a piece of paper. I was admitted to hospital, had a battery of tests, and was sent home a few weeks later. Unfortunately, my condition continued to deteriorate, and I was readmitted. After this second hospitalization, my chronic spine and sacroiliac pain was exacerbated from laying in hospital beds.

My neurologist wanted me to go to the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital to recover, but after finding out the beds there are the same as in the hospital, I just couldn’t do it. I had to go home to recover. I set up an appointment with my neurologist for six weeks later, in faith, because at that point, I couldn’t walk. But I just knew that in six weeks God would have me up and mobile. My neurologist was skeptical about me being able to attend that appointment, but I assured him God would heal me and I would be there. I left the hospital against medical advice, having received only one immunological treatment by that point.

I could not stand, and I couldn’t put weight on my legs without them buckling. Once home, it took two hours of effort to get in the house and up the stairs to my bed. My husband even doubted it was possible, but I knew this was go-time and God was not going to fail me. Because I had gained a lot of weight after being bed bound, medicated and immobile for five years, I am too heavy for others to lift me. So, every stair was conquered in Jesus’ name and by His strength!

 Now, I just had to wait for my body to heal. After a few weeks I was able to stand and use the walker. I prayed every time, asking God for His strength, dexterity, coordination, and balance. Every step travelled in faith. But by the fourth week it seemed progress wasn’t happening fast enough. My husband was concerned I wasn’t going to make my neurologist appointment. But in those two weeks a miracle happened. God healed me enough to walk down (and back up) my stairs; something I had not been able to do in over five years!  This healing has only continued since then. For almost six years I was bed-bound. For a few months I could not even stand on my own or feed myself. Now I am free. ALL GLORY BE TO GOD! I still have some pain and must be a Good Samaritan to my body, but I have my mobility back! God is so amazing!

 At the end of August 2018, I was able to drive again, and in September joined Ann Myrholm for a meeting at the church’s auditorium. You can’t imagine the joy in my heart when I arrived to find it was a Freedom in Christ session. I knew immediately this was going to be the end of the anger plaguing me for so long. Now, after prayerfully going through the deliverance steps, I am rage and anger free. Hallelujah! Thank you Lord! It was like lifting a bag of cement off my soul.

In hindsight, I can see how perfect the timing was for everything. God knows my every need, I am His precious child and He loves me. I am truly grateful for the women at SPAC who have touched my life in such special and meaningful ways. From friendship, prayer, and Bible study to cooking and delivering meals. I’m so grateful for the many blessings in my life and hope to be able to continue to be a blessing to others now that I’m mobile.

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