Saying 'Yes' | Jennifer Geismann

I was recently inspired towards Kingdom living when my Life Group decided to study the book of Acts. Part of our study was a challenge to live out scripture, specifically Acts 1:8, where it says, "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."

This challenge included a list of ideas for community projects. So, I challenged our group to each pick one individually and one we would do as a group. Individual projects included things like:

-       Drinking water instead of a daily Timmies and then donating that saved money to a charity
-       Donating to a project in a third world country,
-       Volunteering at a local school’s breakfast program,
-       Reaching out to neighbours with whom they had a strained relationship.

As a group we chose to serve a meal at the Mustard Seed. However, we were required to raise $1000 to pay for the meal, then come prepare and serve the meal and clean up afterwards.

The night we were there was frigid, and people were lined up outside waiting to go into the warmth of the old church. The kitchen coordinator who was there to lead us, was suffering from a massive migraine and eventually had to leave to go to the hospital for medication. But another volunteer came in to help and it was so interesting talking to them both about their experiences. The dedication and passion the volunteers there have for helping the homeless was truly inspiring and humbling.


We met all kinds of people that night, from young to old and shy to eccentric, it was a great melting pot of God’s children. The thing I remember most though is the feel of the place. It was like a big, messy, noisy family dinner, the kind where you all get together and some relatives are arguing, some are laughing, and some are just quietly watching the chaos. But underneath it all is a family who will support each other any way they can. I could picture Jesus sitting right in the middle of it all with a smile on his face.

Without Jesus challenging me and pushing me out of my comfort zone, I would never have become a Life Group leader, I might never have met the people in my group, and I might never have come upon this Bible study and volunteered to cook a meal for the homeless.

Does Jesus sometimes ask me to do things that make me uncomfortable? Absolutely!

But when I step out in obedience it brings such reward, fullness and richness to my life. How can I say “No”?

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