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growing impact.

SPAC Flourish Campaign


From the very beginning, God’s heart has always been bent towards flourishing. He created the cosmos and built a home for us. He created us to be like Him and breathed life into us.

He placed us in a garden, inviting us to nurture and care for it. He created woman so that man wouldn’t be alone and provided for our every need. Everything was in perfect relationship with everything else...designed to flourish.  

This is God’s intention for the world. 

This is God’s intention for us and the communities we are a part of.

This is God’s intention for SPAC. 

This is what was lost in our rebellion. 

This is what Jesus died to restore. 

This is the redemptive work He calls us to participate in. 

This is where our story is headed when Jesus returns and all things flourish for eternity.

We, the people of SPAC, are called to be a flourishing people, participating together in the restoration and redemption of our communities by God’s grace and power. 

SPAC Flourish Campaign



through fire.

Throughout history, it is clear that even when things have seemed the darkest, God is still at work doing new and unexpected things. He has always called His people to new levels of courage, to arise and to move forward by faith in the power of the Holy Spirit, especially in the face of adversity.

On December 18, 2016 our ministry hub, the family centre, was destroyed by a fire. While it’s just a building and people are the church, it had been our home, gathering place, training ground, launching pad, and a pillar in the community since 1940. Countless people over the years had powerful encounters with Jesus in that space; couples exchanged sacred vows, children were dedicated, people were healed, kids were discipled, and lives were transformed. 

We mourned the loss of our sacred space together, but it was clear that God was at work in ways we didn’t (and still don’t) understand.  

Without shrinking back, we quickly relocated Sunday services and the church office to continue pursuing the vision God has entrusted to Stony Plain Alliance Church. While the fire was tragic and this displacement has brought us many challenges, it has not devastated the work started 80 years ago. We’ve rallied together as a community and continued to press in and find ways to flourish through transition.



In 2014, SPAC’s leadership shared a vision with our community to “Reach Beyond”, stretching outside our comfort zone to expand our impact and see more people transformed by the love of God. The Reach Beyond campaign included a plan for a new building and a capital campaign that many of us supported with our sacrificial giving. 

While the circumstances created by the fire have dramatically changed our plans and direction, the calling to reach beyond has not changed. Our giving to that campaign was not futile.  Over $800,000 was contributed!  This gives us an incredible head start as we transition the Reach Beyond campaign vision into the Flourish campaign. Flourish is an extension and continuation of Reach Beyond simply expressed in a new way to reflect our new reality as a result of the fire. If you have given to Reach Beyond, your generous investment has been instrumental in bringing us to this point. But now, more than ever, we need everyone to rally together and give sacrificially to invest in the expansion of God’s kingdom in the
Tri-Region and beyond through Flourish.

reaching beyond plus flourish


Keep up to date on the latest stories and campaign information by searching up #spacflourish on Facebook or Instagram! Join the conversation by tagging your own pictures, stories, life group gatherings, or ways that you are serving in the community. We want to hear from you and know how you are establishing roots and growing impact!