Through transitions and change, fire and loss, new opportunities and big dreams, our vision has not changed. Flourish is not a new vision. It has been birthed out of our 80-year story and is firmly rooted in God’s Kingdom vision laid out in scripture.

Flourish is an extension of our existing vision:
to see lives reconciled to God and transformed as people follow Jesus for the purpose of glorifying God.

Over the next 5 years, we believe God is calling us to focus specifically on 4 priorities:

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Spiritual Formation:

We will form people spiritually in relational, Holy Spirit empowered environments.

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Good News To Our Community:

We will demonstrate and share the Good News of Jesus with our community.

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Radical Generosity:

We will increase our giving so that we can invest in Kingdom focused ministries, locally and globally.

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Strategic Building:

We will develop a facility that will be a hub for ministry in the Tri-Region.

SPAC Flourish Campaign


This year mark’s the 80th anniversary of our church.

Yes, this Flourish campaign is about us coming together and envisioning a bright future filled with courage, transformation, and bold faith. But it’s also about acknowledging our history, reflecting on our journey so far, and celebrating our shared legacy, while also recognizing that we have been entrusted with the sacred responsibility of continuing to live out a bold vision for a new generation. 

Since 1938, the people of Stony Plain Alliance Church have sacrificed and invested much, pouring themselves out to establish God’s Kingdom in Stony Plain, the Tri-Region, and countries around the world. Our work is not done.

SPAC 80 Years of Flourishing timeline

Our SPAC community has been in transition for two years.

In the midst of purchasing land, designing a building, setting up and tearing down every Sunday, and the buzz of activities in our busy lives, we can easily forget to stop and breathe and celebrate.



Over the last 80 years, the SPAC community and the community around us has shifted and changed. In recent years we’ve gone from being a community church to being a regional church. We no longer just serve Stony Plain; we serve families and individuals throughout the entire Tri-Region. 

Stony Plain, Spruce Grove and the surrounding regions have experienced rapid growth that is projected to continue, bringing more people to our region who are in need of grace, healing, community and love. We want to be a welcoming church that is strategically positioned to play a significant role in shaping the spiritual landscape of our growing region.

Flourish is about acknowledging this reality and leaning further into the opportunity to spread our impact wider and deeper into the communities we all call home. The land we’ve purchased is strategically located to facilitate regional growth and impact. This may be one of the ways God is using the fire to expand His Kingdom in new ways through SPAC in the years ahead. 

SPAC Flourish Campaign
SPAC Flourish Campaign



SPAC Flourish Lead Team

Jason Ridderikhoff

I hope that through Flourish we experience a new outpouring of the power of the Holy Spirit that fuels fresh passion for the gospel, compassion for others, and radical generosity.

SPAC Flourish Lead Team

Sheleena Boulianne

I am so excited to see how God uses this Flourish campaign to draw SPAC into deeper intimacy with Jesus, deeper community, and courageous Kingdom living.


Graham English | Lead Pastor

This campaign will help the families that live in the region flourish as SPAC continues to share the love of Jesus for generations to come.

SPAC Flourish Lead Team

Dan Kehler | Board Chair

More than a building, I hope that God will meet with the people of SPAC in a life-changing way.